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Arca Israel Ltd. is a private company established in October 1953.  

When first founded the company manufactured valves, pistons and water taps for agriculture and industrial use.  The company was originally a subsidiary of Arca Milano Ltd. which imported water taps and spare parts for heating and air conditioning. In the course of the years the operations of the two companies were merged into “Arca Israel Ltd.”  From its foundation Arca Israel Ltd. was managed by Clement Aghiv until his death in 2002 and today the company is run by his son, Yuval Aghiv. Today  Arca Israel Ltd. operates in a several areas:

Arca Israel Ltd. places a significant emphasis on the quality of the products it manufactures as well as the products it imports while offering professional, reliable and speedy service. 

Among its customers in Israel and around the world are government offices, public institutions, hospitals, hotels, manufacturers of air conditioning systems, holding companies and construction companies.

Gadi Blau: Stock manager
Lydia Aghiv : Sales
Menahem Melinsky : Sales
Yuval aghiv : CEO
Tal Dereh Haim: Accounting
Zeev Dreichman: Sales director
Beny Arty : Distribution
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